August 3, 2012

Nettie Spurlock celebrates her 108th birthday today, Aug. 3., at her home in Bethany Village in Centerville.

Nettie grew up on a farm in eastern Kentucky in the early 1900s. She was one of 10 children born to Garrett and Mary Morgan in Hyden, Ky. According to a family Bible, she was born in 1903. But when she obtained a birth certificate in 1958, it was recorded as 1904. While on the farm, she was raised to work hard, a tradition that has carried her through her entire life.

“We raised all our own food and we always had plenty to eat. I’ve been working ever since. Kept me goin’, I guess. I’d do it all over again,” Nettie told a Graceworks employee in 2010. These days, she speaks fondly of her “canning” days and makes the mouths of resident care technicians (RCTs) water with her stories of homemade pickles and applesauce.

“Oh I canned everything,” laughs Nettie.

Nettie married in 1921 and had four daughters. The family moved to Ohio when her husband accepted a job with Leyland Electronic Co. in Dayton. Nettie called Riverside home for decades.

Two of Nettie’s daughters live at Bethany Village as well: Oma Hensley and Feona Jean Donley. Oma will turn 90 later this month and still works part-time.

Nettie moved to Bethany Village in 2009.

adjusted_p8020047_w640Photo: Nettie with Bethany employees Emily Kauffman (left) and Brandi Blackman.