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How is the Covid-19 Antibody Test Performed?

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North Hills antibody testing covid -How is the Covid-19 Antibody Test Performed?

When a person is infected and recovers Covid-19, chances are that he or she was able to fight the infection by developing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. It is therefore important to undergo a North Hills antibody testing Covid to establish whether you have developed some level of impunity against COVID-19. Many health care facilities claim to offer accurate and effective Covid-19 tests, including for anybody resting. However, only North Hills Urgent Care Clinic guarantees affordable and reliable antibody testing. In this article, we are going to discuss North Hills antibody testing covid, how it’s done, and why you should have it. We’ll also share with you the test results you should expect from an antibody test.

What is Antibody Testing?

What you need to understand about Covid-19 testing is that it is not performed to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. A North Hills antibody testing Covid is purposely done to identify persons who got the virus in the past and fought it by forming antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. This procedure is designed to detect particular proteins called antibodies that the body forms when it’s under attack by infection, such as a virus or a bacteria. The body develops antibodies as a defense mechanism. 

How to Perform an Antibody Test 

There are two ways to perform antibody testing for COVID-19 North Hills. The first one is doing it at home using an antibody testing kit, and the other one is getting an antibody test from North Hills Urgent Care Clinic. Doing the test carefully at home will give accurate results. However, you can count on North Hills Urgent Care Clinic for affordable and reliable antibody testing results. 

If you are going to perform an antibody test alone at home, you will need a testing kit. Once you receive the kit, you need to go through the instruction manual very carefully. Remove the lancet and use it to prick your finger in order to remove blood. Squeeze the blood pressure into a test tube and place it in the small carrier that came with the kit. Once you finish doing that, send the sample via Royal mail. After a few days, you will receive the results. 

You can also choose to get an antibody test from North Hills Urgent Care, which is a more reliable option. One of our medical practitioners will remove a sample of blood from you. The blood will be taken to our state of the art labs to undergo several tests to determine whether the body formed antibodies after the infection. 

Antibody Test Results 

There are two results that you can expect after a North Hills antibody testing Covid. It can either be positive or negative. A positive result means that there is some level of immunity in your blood. It means that antibodies were detected in the blood. Negative results mean no antibodies were found in the blood sample. 


A North Hills antibody testing Covid is a simple Covid-19 test done to establish whether the body developed antibodies against the COVID-19 virus. Although you perform this test in the comfort of your home, getting reliable results will depend on how well you followed the instructions provided on the testing kit. North Hills urgent care offers reliable Covid-19 antibody testing all the time. 

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