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For personalized care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia trust Bethany Village. We are one of the most respected continuing care retirement communities in the region. Having a loved one struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult journey. Your main concerns are for their care and safety, and the best ways to keep them active and engaged. That’s why we offer both assisted living and skilled nursing memory care options within our community of care. Assisted living memory care’s aim is to maintain a resident’s independence as long as possible with supportive services and a range of programming. Skilled nursing memory care provides the full range of care when residents require all-inclusive care and 24/7 support.

Assisted Living Memory Care at Pavilion

Pavilion assisted living memory care at Bethany Village allows residents with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to safely enjoy their lives to the fullest while their family gains peace of mind. Pavilion is a cozy family-style living community where gentle prompting and guideposts gives residents the freedom to explore and socialize in comfort and safety. With secure indoor and outdoor areas, residents can enjoy different settings. Medical and support services are offered within Pavilion where our memory care team includes a dementia-trained nursing staff on-site 24/7. Our residents’ personal dignity is assured with daily routines that fit their wishes and abilities.

We’re proud to offer the award-winning art-making program Opening Minds Through Art for Pavilion Assisted Living Memory Care residents. Run by two OMA certified Pavilion staff members, this art therapy program provides cognitive stimulation and builds relationships through one-on-one art projects. Together, our art, music, and pet therapy programs promote the social engagement, dignity, and self-expression of our residents. The goal of our programming and care is to help slow the progression of memory loss in a safe and supportive environment while maintaining each person’s independence.

Every Pavilion resident enjoys:



Skilled Nursing Memory Care at Courtyard Park

Courtyard Park is a skilled nursing memory care facility for advanced stage Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. Our facility is designed to be a tranquil setting where your loved one will find the calm and comfort they need, along with the dignity and respect they’ve earned.

We focus on the quality of life for persons with advanced memory loss who need 24/7 care while promoting their well-being and sense of self. Our innovative life enrichment programs and activities are designed to stimulate memories through individual and group programs. If your loved one is a current resident, they will continue with the same activities they enjoyed in Pavilion assisted living memory care based upon their ability. At Courtyard Park, we minimize changes in routine as much as possible to provide familiarity and ensure residents thrive along the continuum of care. These activities include art, music and pet therapies along with many special events like ice cream socials.



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