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Obstetrics and Gynecology: What’s the Role in Urgent Care?

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ob gyn care near me -Obstetrics and Gynecology: What’s the Role in Urgent Care?

Seeking an ob gyn doctor near me from health care facilities requires a substantial amount of knowledge of how they operate and the care services that they provide. When you get sick and require health or medical attention, it is not advisable to rush to any health care facility. Among the best reliable healthcare facilities that offer affordable health care services is an urgent care clinic. When looking for an ob gyn doctor near me, the Arleta urgent care clinic offers many health care services, including ob-gyn care. This type of care is often provided to women as it affects their reproductive health. To learn more about ob-gyn and the role that an ob gyn doctor near me plays in reproductive care, keep reading this post. 

What are obstetrics and gynecology?

In short, obstetrics and gynecology are referred to as ob-gyn. This type of health care service is offered to women to help them improve their reproductive health. Medical practitioners who offer this kind of health care service are known as ob-gyns or gynecologists. They offer many health care services that touch on reproductive care for women. These are among the services offered by an ob gyn doctor near me. 

Roles of an ob gyn care at Arleta urgent care clinic 

Obstetrics and gynecology health care cover many reproductive care services. Here are some of them:

Family planning care 

One of the health care benefits that you are going to get from an ob-gyn near you is family planning care. This type of care involves advice on how to plan childbirth and how to prevent unplanned pregnancies in a family setup. Our urgent care clinic also offers various types of contraceptives that are essential for family planning. 

Prenatal and postnatal care 

Arleta urgent care also offers prenatal and postnatal care to parents. Prenatal health care involves care services that are offered to pregnant women from the time of conception to the time of delivery. Postnatal care is all about health care provided to women once they give birth until the baby is six months old. 

Pap Smear tests 

Another health care service that is offered by an ob gyn doctor near me at Arleta urgent care clinic is a cervical cancer screening test known as the Pap Smear test. This type of gynecological procedure involves collecting cervical cell samples from the cervix region and testing them for abnormal cervical cells. A positive Pap Smear shows that there are abnormal cells in the cervix. Abnormal cells are not necessarily cancerous or precancerous. It may indicate that you have an infection or an underlying medical problem.


While it is very important to seek help from emergency rooms, you need to understand that their priorities lie with patients with life-threatening medical conditions or injuries. Urgent care clinics like Arleta urgent care offer various kinds of health care services, including obstetrics and gynecology. These types of health care services include reproductive care for women who have reached child-bearing age and require family planning and postnatal and prenatal health care services. An ob gyn doctor near me at Arleta urgent care also offers Pap Smear tests. 

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