When you or your loved one are working toward recovery, there needs to be a focus on the mind, body, and spirit. This is how the Bethany Village Rehabilitation Center operates in providing care. Your needs are where we start when planning a rehabilitation routine. Nurses perform daily assessments, accurately dispense medication, and provide assistance with personal hygiene and health needs. Pain management is performed as needed, and a certified physician is responsible for all orders and approvals to help ensure the highest quality care.

You should be aware that if a resident needs to visit another doctor, a family member must accompany them to the appointment. You can rely on us to arrange transportation if needed. If a loved one’s prognosis worsens and he or she needs hospitalization while staying at the Rehabilitation Center, their place may be held. Payment for holding a bed is not covered by Medicare or insurance, but Bethany Village has recently expanded the number of patients within the Rehabilitation Center to fully accommodate your loved one. When loved ones have recovered and are ready for discharge, social workers are available to answer questions, provide clerical assistance, and help in the creation of a customized discharge plan.

If your loved one requires a therapist, you can choose from a wide variety of therapists and therapeutic practices, which are designed to meet individualized needs. For those who require spiritual services, a chaplain is available to meet religious needs. A beauty salon and dietary technicians help spirits remain high for those at the BRC.

A physician’s order is needed to treat in the Rehabilitation Center, but we welcome inquiries, and visits can be arranged for parties interested in learning more. Call (937) 433-2110 to get more information or set up a visit.