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Meet Your Neighbors Of Bethany Village

At Bethany Village, residents create a vibrant and welcoming community that redefines retirement. Here, life doesn’t slow down, it flourishes with new opportunities and connections. From veterans and musicians to avid photographers and community leaders, residents continue to pursue their passions and engage in meaningful activities.


Get to know the people who liven up Bethany Village and discover how they contribute to a dynamic community where every day is filled with energy, friendship, and fulfillment.

Their stories are a testament to the enriching lives that continue well beyond retirement.

Harmonious Living With Mary Arnett

Mary Arnett’s life at Bethany Village is a harmonious blend of music and friendship. With a background in the local philharmonic, Mary’s musical talents shine through in her performances, especially in her participation in Bethany Village’s handbell choir. Her involvement in music has been a gateway to building meaningful friendships, which she holds dear. Mary’s story is a testament to the enriching power of music and community connections.

Watch her video to see how Mary continues to inspire and bring joy to those around her through her musical talents and vibrant social life at Bethany Village.

A Snapshot Of Life With Lew Hann & Steve Makovec

Lew Hann and Steve Makovec are a beloved couple at Bethany Village, known for their warmth and community involvement. Lew’s talent as a photographer captures the beauty of their surroundings, while Steve’s leadership as Board President of the Bach Society of Dayton reflects his dedication to the arts. Both Lew and Steve sing in the Bach Society, sharing their love of music with the community. Steve’s commitment extends to community restoration work in Dayton, making a tangible difference in the area. Together, they continue to explore the world, embarking on travels year after year.

Discover the inspiring lives of Lew and Steve by watching their video, and see how their passions for art, music, and community enrich Bethany Village.

Creating Space For Friendship With Tom Adinaro

Meet Tom Adinaro, a 25-year Army veteran and retired colonel who embodies the spirit of community and active living at Bethany Village. Tom’s rich history of service is matched by his lively present-day activities. As an active women’s volleyball official, he referees at college, high school, and club levels, recently officiating an NCAA game. His passion for bringing people together is evident in the neighborhood get-togethers he hosts, fondly known as “Street Dinners.” These events, featuring cookouts and happy hours, draw 20-30 residents, foster a sense of camaraderie and connection within his block.

Watch Tom’s video to learn more about his dynamic lifestyle and how he continues to serve and engage with his community.


At Bethany Village, there’s something for everyone, no matter your lifestyle. Residents thrive in an active and engaging community, and are excited to welcome you to your new neighborhood.

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