Fitness Center Equipment

Bethany Village is equipped with the finest Fitness Center equipment to make your workouts effective and safe.

Keiser Strength Equipment: Keiser strength machines utilize air pressure to create external resistance. This helps reduce the effects momentum has on the movement because the resistance stays consistent. These types of machines reduce shock loading to joints and connective tissues protecting them. With Keiser technology, the muscles remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion, unlike traditional plate or pulley systems. This also helps reduce the shock loading to muscles, tissues and joints. Resistance can be easily manipulated in either 1 pound or 1/10 pound increments, and resistance can quickly be changed at the push of a button. In the Village Fitness Center, we use Keiser to help quickly, safely and effectively build strength, power and endurance for our members. We have a Functional Trainer to allow for various position body strengthening, chest press, seated row, lat pull down, leg extension, leg press, leg curl, standing hip machine, abdominal machine and lower back machine.

Keiser Stretching Station: Flexibility is very important to a healthy body. Improved range of motion has many positive aspects, such as improved blood flow, improved strength, reduction of painful joints and even more energy! It is important for older adults to engage in flexibility training because it can also help improve speed of movement, balance and muscle coordination.

Life Trail Stations: The Life Trail stations bring about a new experience for the older adult developing functional fitness. With over 150 exercises to choose from, the 7 stations on campus help promote mobility outside of a traditional gym atmosphere. This gives residents who use the equipment the ability to also enjoy walking around campus as part of their fitness routine. We also have stations that are ADA accessible. The exercise physiologist is available to help explain the equipment when inquired.

SciFit Stepper: These recumbent steppers are designed to work upper and lower body. The designs of the steppers allow for wheelchair accessibility. Each of the machines is capable of setting up a program specific for your needs, such as strength or cardiovascular training, and provides a movement that is natural feeling.

NuStep: The Village Fitness Center has NuSteps, which are recumbent cross trainers. These machines provide the ability for almost any user to work on building strength or endurance in their lower or upper body. With fully adjustable seats and arms, the NuStep can be set uniquely to you.

Recumbent Bikes: Riding a bike has never been easier. A recumbent bike allows users to sit comfortably in the seat with their legs positioned more out-front instead of straight down. This allows for safe, low impact aerobics, which helps improve cardiovascular endurance.

Treadmills: Village Fitness Center members have access to multiple treadmills to help maintain a walking program in the event of unfavorable weather. All the treadmills are easily programmable to accommodate the user’s needs.

Precor Adaptive Movement Trainers (AMT): AMT’s are versatile cardio equipment that can adapt to your movement. Users can go from a short to long stride, walking to running, climbing to stepping with just changing their own movements. These machines are low impact making them less hard on joints on the lower extremities.

Free Weights: The Village Fitness Center has a selection of hand held free weights and kettle bells for members to use. Free weights available range from 2lbs-40lbs in either 1 lb., 2.5 lb., or 5 lb. increments. These weights can help increase strength or endurance.