PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise): PACE is a chair-based exercise class that allows older adults of all abilities the opportunity to exercise. Each class consists of working on body range of motion, body-weight strength training, general conditioning, balance, and proprioceptive movement. PACE is a good introductory class for the non-exerciser and a good movement-based class for those more experienced.

Exercise Intensity Level: Low

Circuit of Life: Circuit of Life is a circuit training class for the older adult. Each circuit class incorporates strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, and flexibility training. The class consists of 10 exercises for 2 rounds with exercises lasting generally 30 seconds each. The unique aspect of the class is that you control how hard you want to work. If you are looking for a fast paced and fun exercise class, Circuit of Life is for you!

Exercise Intensity Level: Moderate to High

Elevate!: A class evolution of fitness for older adults! Have you been regularly exercising but want a new challenge? In this class our members of varying fitness abilities engage in shadowboxing movements, Theraband strength training, body weight strength training, and flexibility training. The exercises are designed to improve balance, strength, endurance, and range of movement, as well as brain stimulation for coordination of movement.

Exercise Intensity Level: High (certain restrictions apply)

Fit N Fun: Fit N Fun is a low level exercise class taught for Bethany’s long term residents unable to visit the Village Fitness Center. The class focuses on simple, chair-based movements that can be done in a regular chair or wheel chair. Within the class, members are guided through exercises to help them improve their everyday movements and stay active.

Wii Bowling: Members of the Fitness Center have the opportunity to utilize the Wii gaming system to work on coordination of movement and general body movement. While not a traditional exercise class, members can ask to have the game system turned on during open hours. There is also a Wii Bowling group that meets regularly and more information can be provided for that.