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What Are You Laughing At?! Bethany Village Residents Enjoy Benefits of Laughter Club

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh.  We’ve heard this many times, yet the older we get, the harder it seems to be to laugh heartily, especially without prompting by a good joke or comedy routine.  We seek opportunities to laugh at or about something, rather than creating them.  Despite this habit, however, research […]

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How to Know When Mom and Dad Need Help to Continue Living Independently

It’s only natural for parents to want to live independently for as long as possible. As a son or daughter of aging parents, you can help them remain safe while maintaining their dignity and independence. The best defense is a good offense. When visiting your parents, be observant.  If you live far away, ask a […]

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Caring for Aging Parents: How To Have “The Talk” With Mom & Dad

What do you do when you start noticing a decline in your parents’ health or living conditions? How do you approach one or both parents when a change in their living situation is inevitable? Having “the talk” can be awkward for both parents and their children alike. In a perfect world, plans and wishes have […]

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