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3 Ways Independent Senior Living Communities are Improving Senior Care

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senior care- livingIndependent retirement communities are booming. With more demand for safe, comfortable housing for seniors, these residences have invested heavily in providing amenities, activities, and accommodations that rival those of any planned community. But each of these residences also takes senior health and safety into account. How are these communities helping to improve the overall quality of senior care?

Boosting Physical Health

Many communities offer walking paths, fitness programs, and other opportunities for residents to boost their physical fitness. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut at home, or make excuses for why one couldn’t make it to the gym. But inside of these communities, fitness experts can create fitness programs and classes right on campus that fit the unique needs of residents. Pair this with access to a nutritionist and on-site restaurant facilities at many communities, and overall physical health for many seniors can actually improve.

Mending Mental Health

Mental healthcare continues to be an evolving field as healthcare providers work diligently to find the right mix of lifestyle changes, therapy, and medication to help each individual live their best life. On joining an independent living community, many seniors find that access to more stimulating activities, new friends, and a robust care plan significantly improves their overall mental health.

Better Quality of Life

As we age and our children and neighbors move on, we can start to feel isolated in our own homes. Often, it also becomes more difficult or impossible to drive due to changing vision and slower reflexes. This is why many independent retirement communities offer transportation services for their residents, giving them the opportunity to go shopping, attend a concert or play, or enjoy a group outing. Making new friends and engaging in stimulating activities can improve overall life quality and satisfaction.

Written by Bethany Village

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