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4 Winter Activities Enjoyed in Senior Communities

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A multiethnic group of senior adults are walking through the park on a crisp winter day.Winter can often signal a limitation in one’s everyday activities, especially if you live alone or in a remote area. One of the great benefits of living in a senior community is that winter doesn’t have to signal the onset of cabin fever!  Here are four popular activities enjoyed by older adults in senior communities during the winter months: 

  1. Trips to museums and cultural centers. Group activities like trips to museums, the theater, or other events are common in senior communities, which also usually provide transportation. As the temperature drops, being indoors and enjoying new experiences with other residents not only boosts your mood, but can be good for your long-term health. 
  1. Winter nature walks. Many senior communities offer paths and regular walking groups to keep you active all year round. Best of all, many of these paths are well-maintained even during the winter season. Just be mindful of safety when heading outside. Walking in a group on a senior community campus also has the benefit of ensuring that you have company around if you should need help.
  1. Continuing education. Learning doesn’t stop just because the temperature drops. Senior communities often partner with local educational institutions to offer continuing education classes where seniors can learn more about any subject they please, from art history and economics to horticulture.
  1. Holiday fairs and festivals. When you live in a senior community, you don’t have to leave campus to enjoy all the festivities of the winter season. Many communities offer special programming during the holidays, from holiday parties to Secret Santa exchanges and winter dance events. Always be sure to ask about seasonal activities!

Written by Bethany Village

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