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5 Health Benefits of Senior Community Living

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Cape Town, South AfricaLiving in a senior community today doesn’t just benefit your social life – it also benefits your health. Here are six ways that senior community living can help improve the way you live:

  1. Better nutritional options. We all occasionally get into a rut when it comes to our meal choices. But eating the same meals every day can lead to boredom, and worse – nutritional deficiencies. On-site restaurants at senior communities offer a variety of nutritionally balanced meals.
  2. Fitness programs. Staying fit is easier when we do it with others! Most senior communities not only offer access to a fitness center, but also have a robust schedule of fitness classes that residents can take together. As has been confirmed in study after study, even just twenty minutes of light exercise a day can have huge health benefits.
  3. Peace of mind. Moving to a retirement community brings many residents a greater sense of safety and wellbeing. This is because most senior communities have safety features like emergency call buttons and ADA-compliant campuses and residences. This results in reducing residents’ anxiety and boosting overall mood.
  4. Social opportunities. Studies show that those who maintain close friendships throughout their lives suffer less depression and anxiety. Senior communities offer numerous events, clubs, and group activities for residents that encourage building new friendships. Living in a community with others also reduces feelings of isolation.
  5. Transportation services. For many of us, driving ourselves becomes more dangerous as we age. This is due to natural changes in vision and a slowing down of our reflexes. Many senior communities offer transportation services that eliminate the stress of driving and make getting to where you need to go much safer.

Written by Bethany Village

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