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5 Resident Resources Available in a Senior Living Community

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Choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one can be one of the most important decisions you ever make.  Among the many benefits of residing in a senior living community as opposed to an isolated home or condo is the wealth of resident resources available for those who choose this option. Depending on the community, services offered can range from medical care and fitness classes to spiritual counseling. Look for these resident resources the next time you are researching a senior living community.

Onsite Medical Care

Many older adults move to senior living communities seeking the benefit of on-site medical assistance from skilled professionals. Some communities offer 24/7 emergency medical assistance as well as transportation to doctors’ appointments, so you can always rest assured that your health or that of a loved one is in good hands.

Expert Nutritional Advice

As we age, our appetites may change, making it harder to reach nutritional goals and stay healthy. Seniors with conditions like diabetes or heart disease may also need assistance planning their meals and maintaining proper nutrition. Senior living communities offer services from registered dieticians or nutritionists to help older adults increase key nutrients in their diets and stay on track to lead long, healthy lives.

Social Workers Who Care

Senior living communities often have social workers on staff to answer questions, give clerical assistance and provide counseling services. Social workers serve as advocates for aging adults and their families, making sure each resident is cared for spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Fitness and Rehabilitation Made Easy

Exercising is essential for seniors looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their retirement. Senior communities offer multiple ways to get exercise, including on-site fitness centers, convenient walking trails, and fun group fitness classes. For seniors recovering from injuries or surgery, on-site physical therapy is also often available to help reduce pain and restore strength.

Spiritual Services 

When evaluating senior community resources, it’s important to consider how seniors can maintain their spiritual traditions even after moving to a new home. Some communities – including Bethany Village ­– are faith-based, meaning residents can worship on campus alongside other residents of faith. Chaplains are also available on staff to provide counseling and other religious services for residents.

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