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5 Surprising Facts About Independent Living for Seniors

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independent living mealsIf you are able to live independently, why not continue living in your home? For many retirees, the answer is that independent senior living communities offer security, social opportunities, and a maintenance-free lifestyle that many find more desirable than aging in place.

1) Independent living offers a greater sense of community and security. Independent living communities offer both a welcoming social environment and a safer, more secure residence for seniors. While you or a loved one may not need help day to day, staff is always on hand 24 hours to help. Many communities also offer gated entry, security alert and alarm systems, and more to provide greater peace of mind.

2) Fewer restrictions and red tape. Independent senior living options are less restrictive than other types of senior housing, such as assisted living and nursing homes, which must abide by particular rules to receive government aid. As long as they provide living arrangements for those with diverse physical abilities, they can be more varied and unique in their overall design. This is among the many reasons that independent living communities feel more like “home” for seniors than other options.

3) All the independence, none of the maintenance. While seniors can certainly live independently in their own homes, independent living offers all of the autonomy of living on your own, without any of the drawbacks. Most communities include maintenance and community services like fitness centers and swimming pools as part of the monthly fee.

4) Choose your living space. When you move into an independent living facility, you aren’t simply assigned a unit. New residents can often choose from several floor plans and select particular features and even proximity to public areas such as a common green, community pool, or fitness center. Your choice of floor plan, features, and location will all go into determining your monthly fee.

5) Your monthly fee goes a long way. When seniors move into independent living facilities, they are sometimes surprised at the amount of the quoted monthly fee. However, it’s important to note what is included in this fee each month. Many communities include utilities, maintenance fees, housekeeping, social programs, and even meals in the quoted monthly fee. This fee sustains most seniors for all of their basic needs every month – not just rent.

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