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5 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Retirement Community

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Group of seniors doing bublbles in the jacuzziThe end of summer is a time of transitions. If you or a loved one plans to transition to a retirement community soon, we have some tips for making the move a little bit easier.

  1. Location is more important than you think. If you have dreams of a sunny, distant locale to spend your retirement years, consider what you would be leaving behind. Many seniors move to retirement communities far from family and friends only to discover that they miss their families. As wonderful as it would be to visit you at your place in the sun, many busy families find that they aren’t able to take these longer trips very often.
  2. Ask the residents. While the community’s staff will be eager to speak with you, be sure to take the time to request some time with residents. Ask residents what they like about the community, and if there is anything they wish they had known before they moved in. Their answers will help you determine if this community is the right fit for you.
  3. Understand the community rules. Some communities have very strict rules about what you can and can’t change in your residence. Ask about whether or not you can have out-of-town guests or keep pets, if these are things that are important to you. Are you allowed to paint the walls of your residence? Can you have flower boxes? Go over the community rules thoroughly to ensure there are no surprises.
  4. Check the social calendar. One of the greatest benefits to retirement community living is the opportunity to engage with other residents. You may not have a busy social calendar now, but when you retire you will have a lot of free time on your hands. Participating in social activities is also a great way to meet other residents. Ask about the community’s events and recreation activities to ensure they are a good fit for your interests.
  5. Consider your continuum of care. If you are moving to an independent living retirement community, what happens when/if you or your spouse needs a little more help? Can the community move you to an assisted living apartment on the same campus, or will you have to move to an entirely new venue? Many communities, like Bethany Village, offer continuum of care services so that as your needs change, your team of expert care givers can adapt your level of care and ensure you can still call Bethany Village home.

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