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Active Aging week in the Fitness Center

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Each year, tens of thousands of living communities across the United States take part in Active Aging week sponsored by the International Council on Active Aging.  It is a week in which older adults are encouraged to engage in physical activities to promote a healthier lifestyle. Again, Bethany took part in promoting this activity to our residents with fun and engaging activities.

The Village Fitness Center held three unique exercise classes, described below. Additionally, information was available regarding five key components to health and wellness: strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition and balance!

Walking X – This was a group walking class with cardio movements inter-twined. A walk around Reflection Lake with many different movements along the way was completed which focused on walking quickly to keep the heart rate up.

Righteous Strength – A machine based circuit training class in the Fitness Center combined with free weight total body movements in the Aerobics Room were performed.

Functional Flexibility – This involved the use of total body stretching techniques that release excess tension while strengthening postures. This allowed us to work on full range of motion in our joints to help relieve stress and bring more energy to our movements.

Over 30 residents attended the classes.   “I’m 93 years old and gotta keep active,” states resident Louis Breckenridge. “I have been coming to the fitness center three times a week since I moved in six years ago.  I enjoy it.”

“Since I have been working out in the fitness center, I have redistributed my weight, gained strength and feel better.  This week’s program is a fresh, fun activity!” exclaims Janice Bowden, resident.

Louis Breckenridge
Louis Breckenridge with Craig Cole, Exercise Physiologist
Janice Bowden
Janice Bowden doing chair push-ups

Written by Bethany Village

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