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Assisted Living Community Checklist: What to Ask

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assisted-living-communitiesSeniors who need a little extra help with the activities of daily living, like medication management, shopping, bathing, and dressing, may find that an assisted living community can help. These communities offer care tailored to your individual needs. But when it comes to selecting an assisted living community, do you know the right questions to ask?

Financial Considerations

Ensure that you understand how much each facility charges and what is included. What happens if a resident is late with a payment, or can no longer pay? Under what other conditions may a resident be asked to leave the facility?

Understanding the Contract

Every retirement community, including assisted living communities, offer detailed contracts for residents to review and sign. Ensure that you understand all of the contract language, including which services and meals are included, what types of care/assistance are offered, and how payments will be processed.


Where is the residence located? If you prefer city or suburban living, be sure to narrow your search to these choices. For many, the most important location consideration is how close the assisted living community is to family and friends.

On-Site Services

Many assisted living communities offer on-site services such as fitness rooms, hair salons, banks, restaurants, and more. Make a list of services that each facility offers on campus, and rate and compare communities based on which services are most important to you.

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