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Best Holiday Gifts for Seniors

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cafe432365cb4b02653be62cd032fbc5_w640The holiday season is upon us. For most of us, this means trying to find the perfect gifts for all the important people in our lives. What usually starts out innocently enough usually ends in frustration, arms thrown high in the air with an audible sigh.

Before you give up before you start, we’ve collected some great gift ideas for all the seniors in your life. If you’re worried about buying for a senior that has recently downsized or maybe isn’t as mobile as in the past, take heart – the perfect gift does exist! Check out our list of gift ideas below.

1. Hire a maid.

Seriously, hiring a cleaning service is a gift that any of us would love to receive! Having someone else do the cleaning is a great, practical gift that frees up time and lets the gift receiver feel pampered. Plus, a clean house is much more calming than a dirty one.

2. Give a Jitterbug cell phone.

Want to stay in touch with grandpa but he refuses to learn how to use an iPhone? Don’t fret. Jitterbug phones are made for older adults: the keypad is larger and there’s no insane gadgetry or applications to learn. Seriously…this cell phone is really just a phone!

3. Netflix.

Movies are a hit with people of all ages. Even better if someone else is paying price of admission! With Netflix, movies come at the user’s leisure: simply watch and return when ready, then select another DVD.

4. Wii Consoles

Want to keep your parents active past 60? 70? 80? The Wii gets everyone in the family moving thanks to low-impact, high excitement games and fitness courses. Wii bowling is wildly popular on the Bethany Village campus. All Wii fitness games promote movement and circulation – without having to leave the comfort of home. Such games are exceptionally good in cold winter areas where walking outside could be dangerous because of snow and ice.

5. Coffee. And a Keurig machine, too.

Keurig machines are great for all coffee lovers, but especially for those who live alone or who maybe don’t drink a lot of the caffeinated stuff anymore. With a Keurig machine, coffee is brewed one cup at a time – courtesy of the Keurig K-cups. K-cups come in all flavors and can be purchased just about anywhere. Hot chocolate and teas are also available.

6. Puzzles.

Puzzles help keep the mind alert and can provide hours of activity. Giving a few puzzles means your gift recipient can share with others – and perhaps make a new friend in the process.

If you’re looking for more ideas, you might check here or at Wellhaven. Do you have any ideas of your own? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Bethany Village

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