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Bethany Resident Recognized for Efforts

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Martha Boice, Bethany Village resident, was a founding member of the Landmark’s Foundation of Centerville and Washington Township.  Martha has been going to zoning meetings for over 47 years to save and protect homes of historical value.  “I speak for the homes,” she explains.

Recently, Martha worked over the course of several years with Patrick Hansford and Natalie Wright to successfully place the Centerville, Ohio home of the beloved humorist the late Erma Bombeck on the National Registry of Historic Places. To be placed on the registry, homes most be older than 50 years, maintained historic architecture and be affiliated with a historically important person.  This home is where Erma Bombeck started her writing career.

On the local TV program, “Let’s Talk, Centerville” Martha and her colleagues shared the historical value of the home and new National Registry of Historic Places status. You can see the “Let’s Talk, Centerville” program below.

Martha and her colleague were acknowledged for their efforts and received a Certificate of Recognition at the September 21 Centerville, Ohio council meeting by C. Mark Kingseed, Mayor of the City of Centerville.

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