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Bethany Residents Participate In Veterans Voices Project

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Veterans Voices Nine veterans, all Bethany Village residents, recently participated in the Veterans Voices Project. The project is a combined effort by Wright State University’s Veteran and Military Center and NPR affiliate WYSO.

Residents Robert Siebenthaler, Paul Ross, Buell Hoagland, Joe Minnich, Paul McClain, Bob Oppenheim, Dave Cottrill, Robert Eisenach and Don Hamrock all agreed to video interviews. The interviews will be stored in the archives of the Library of Congress and Wright State University. Some of the interviews may be used on WYSO as part of the “Veterans Coming Home” series.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to do this,” admits Paul McClain. “I heard about this program for a long time and all of a sudden, there it is for me to get involved. I can’t imagine some small group of youngsters looking at the videos long after I’m gone. It’s very humbling.”

Of the nine veterans interviewed, four are veterans of World War II. One was a career Chaplin. Some served during peacetime and others fought in Korea.

“The group doing the interviews was excellent,” adds McClain. “They are definitely respectful and know their history.”

The video interviews will eventually be available for everyone to enjoy on the Wright State University website.


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