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Bethany Village Embraces Older Americans Month

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istock_000013014826xsmallMay is just around the corner! May is Older Americans Month. It was first celebrated in 1963. Back then it was known as Senior Citizens Month. President Carter changed the name in 1980 to better represent mature Americans.

At Bethany Village, residents and staff wholly embrace this year’s Older Americans Month theme which is “Unleash the Power of Age.”

Residents of Bethany are free to travel the world, consult and volunteer. Residents use their expertise, honed over successful careers, to teach younger generations. Beyond this, folks that call Bethany home tend to be lifelong learners, embracing campus activities like book clubs, history lectures and art classes.

At Bethany, there are several residential options to choose from including villas and cottages to luxury apartment living. You can choose to cook – or have someone else do the work! Evening meals are presented in the Fountain Place restaurant or in the Vista Place dining room. The Fountain Place restaurant features a chef and white linen service. There’s a bistro for casual meals and snacks, on-campus shopping, banking and even a hair salon.

Summer is a great time to plan a move! At Bethany Village, our senior living counselors will advise you in the downsizing process. They can suggest movers and help plan a timeline to make moving a stress-free experience. The sooner you get to your new home at Bethany, the more time you’ll have to spend on activities you really love. The benefit of age is wisdom and the benefit of retirement is freedom. Unleash your personal power of age at Bethany Village.

If you are not yet ready to move but would like more information about Bethany Village, call 937-436-6850 to schedule a personal appointment or visit us online.

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