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Bethany Village Selected for Music & Memory

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Bethany Village Selected for Music & Memory

Centerville, Ohio (February 24, 2015) – Bethany Village, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) based in Centerville, Ohio, was recently selected to participate in the Ohio Department of Aging’s Music & Memory Nursing Home Quality Improvement project. Participation in this project demonstrates Bethany’s commitment to providing the best care possible for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Over the next several months, selected Bethany Village staff members will complete required activities including:

  • Completing a baseline data collection for several residents diagnosed with dementia
  • Incorporating a care plan developed by Music & Memory
  • Integrating Music & Memory into resident care
  • Creating a Music & Memory policy
  • Participating in monthly webinars

“Music & Memory is truly a wonderful program that is able to provide person-centered, innovative care to residents,” explains Bethany Village music therapist Liz Marsh. “The next year for us will include lots of learning, applying, teaching and collaborating with staff and family members alike. We will also participate in a research project to discover the effectiveness of this program to lower the use of antipsychotics, decrease depression, pain, anxiety and better provide person-centered care.”

Bethany will receive iPods for the project. Staff will use the devices to create personalized playlists for the selected resident participants. The hope of the program is to study the use of music to reduce the mental fog created by dementia.  Music & Memory was created by New York based social worker Dan Cohen in 2006. The award winning documentary Alive Inside is based on the program.

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