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Bethany Village’s Residents Enjoy Thanksgiving Celebration

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Bethany Village Cascade Unit employees hosted a carry-in Thanksgiving luncheon for their residents, the resident’s family members and themselves.  The employees brought in food for the entire unit providing all the traditional Thanksgiving Day favorites – turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and even pumpkin pie.  This was a time the employees and residents to eat and celebrate together. Resident Pastor Phil Chitty said the meal prayer.

“This is an ideal example of how much our employees and residents are thankful for their ability to live and work here,” remarked Luann Carpenter, Cascade Unit Manager.

Gardenview residents also celebrated Thanksgiving with a traditional dinner enjoying the time with their family members and employees.  Pastor Larry Hoffsis said prayers.

Click on the photo below to see pictures from the events.


Cascade Thanksgiving Dinner

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