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Cooking Smarter for Independent Seniors

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KHN-outreach-013-300x200On June 10 we welcomed Jane Key, RD, LD, CC from Kettering Health Network Community Outreach Program. She provided great information on the special nutritional needs of seniors and how making some small changes in our daily meal preparation can make a difference. She also addressed many concerns of active seniors including:


  • how aging impacts nutritional needs
  • planning a balanced meal
  • appropriate portion sizes
  • what foods provide needed vitamins and minerals
  • roles supplements, like vitamins,  play in our nutrition
  • preparing meals for one person


The event concluded with an active exchange of questions and answers and we are glad so many people came out to learn the importance nutrition plays in overall well-being!

You can learn more about health information for Seniors from Kettering Health Network Community Outreach by joining their Senior / Year’s Ahead program by clicking here or by calling (937) 558-3988.



Written by Bethany Village

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