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Is a Faith-Based Retirement Community Right for You?

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Are you considering the move to a retirement community? When researching your retirement living options, it can be helpful to evaluate not only your physical needs but your spiritual needs as well. If sharing faith and values is an important element of your lifestyle, here are reasons moving to a faith-based retirement community may be right for you.

Find comfort in the midst of change

Moving from a long-term home to a retirement community can be a life-altering change for older adults. During a tough transition, many seniors find solace in their faith. For seniors moving to a faith-based retirement community, experiencing an environment where their faith is shared can offer comfort in the midst of change.

Share your values and beliefs with others

When you join a faith-based retirement community, you join a community that shares your values, traditions, and beliefs. Participating in worship and tradition with other residents can lead to a better sense of social and spiritual belonging for many older adults.

Support a greater mission

Many faith-based retirement communities are owned and operated by nonprofit organizations with well-defined standards for treating their residents and employees. While for-profit facilities tend to be driven by revenue, nonprofit communities are driven by an overall mission to care for their residents. When it comes to your retirement community search, consider the benefits of a nonprofit, faith-based community that’s motivated by a greater mission.

Experience religious services and activities

In a faith-based retirement community, worship services, Bible studies, and prayer groups are just a step away. Residents can also enjoy celebrating religious holidays in the comfort of their community. Many times, faith-based retirement communities also have chaplains or other leaders on staff to assist and provide counseling. Of course, those without a religious background are also welcome to experience the many benefits of living in a faith-based retirement community.

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