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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Senior Living

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The season of giving is upon us! If you’re still looking for a holiday gift that your older loved one will enjoy, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of seven thoughtful gifts your loved one is sure to use and appreciate:

#1: Digital photo frame

If your loved one has recently downsized to a retirement community, they may not have a lot of extra space for framed photos on their shelves. If this is the case, a digital photo frame makes a perfect gift! These small frames display hundreds of photos that transition every few seconds, just like a slideshow. Simply load a jump drive or memory card with photos and plug it in. Every few months, swap out new photos for your loved one to enjoy.

#2: Tablet or e-reader

Today’s handheld digital devices are designed to be easier to use than ever, making them great gifts for older adults looking to step into the tech world. Your loved one can use their tablet to surf the web, read books and magazines, connect on social media, play music and games, watch TV shows and movies, and stay in touch with friends and family via text and video chatting. With simple touch-screen interfaces and the ability to enlarge the font size as needed, tablets are ideal for older adults who might be newer to technology.

#3: Gift certificate for a pampering manicure or hair styling

Experiences often make better gifts than material things. Consider giving your loved one a relaxing day at the salon for a manicure, pedicure, or hair styling service. Some retirement communities even have an on-site beauty salon and barbershop for residents to visit. Ask about purchasing a gift certificate so your loved one can schedule an appointment at their convenience.

#4: Restored family photos or home videos

Do you have a box of old family photos that needs some love? Over time, even high-quality prints can suffer from staining, discoloration, fading, rips, and tears. Consider choosing a few favorite photos (or negatives, if you have them) and sending them to a professional photo preservation company. Through the magic of computer retouching and restoration, artists can bring your aging images back to life in a new, digital format. Likewise, if you have home videotapes or films from decades past, get them digitized by a professional and make copies so everyone in the family can take a trip down memory lane!

#5: Theatre tickets

How about treating your loved one to a night on the town to see a play, musical or concert? A pair of tickets will make a great stocking stuffer, plus you could attend the show together for a fun bonding experience.

#6: Puzzles and games

Puzzles and games are fun, relaxing activities for all ages. They also engage the brain, helping to keep our cognitive skills sharp. Classic board games like Monopoly or Life make fantastic gifts, and they can come in handy when grandkids visit. For a more sophisticated gaming gift, get your loved one a nice chess, domino, backgammon, or Mahjong set.

#7: Subscription boxes

There’s something so wonderful about receiving a package in the mail, especially if it’s a surprise. With a subscription box service, you can deliver delight to your loved ones with carefully curated goodies that suit their interests. From books to beauty products to healthy snacks and even monthly sock subscriptions, there’s something for everyone! Purchase a year-long subscription and your loved one will get something new in the mail each month. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Finally, remember that there’s no better gift you can give your older loved one than that of your presence. Visit them in their retirement community often, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. Simply being there can make the older adults in your life feel special and appreciated, and that’s the most valuable gift of all!

Written by Bethany Village

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