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Holiday Packing Tips… For Food

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istock_000017719452xsmallDo you love to bake during the holiday season? Maybe you love to create sweet treasures as gifts. If you live far away from loved ones but want them to have a taste of your culinary abilities this holiday season, here are some tips to make packing those Christmas cookies a little easier. Nothing is worse than opening a beautiful package of broken cookies!

Make sure you individually wrap cookies in layers of tissue paper. Pack cookies snugly in a box. Martha Stewart suggests packing the cookie box inside a shipping box, and then using packing peanuts to cushion all sides of the package. This will prevent jostling.

Remember to ship cookies that don’t need refrigeration and pick recipes that won’t dry out quickly. Finally, bar cookies may make shipping easier.

Here’s a great recipe for gingerbread people that will ship well.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe?


Written by Bethany Village

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