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How to Compare Home Healthcare Providers

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compare home healthcare providersWhen you are released from the hospital after an illness or injury, the hospital may recommend a partner provider for home healthcare to aid in rehabilitation and recovery. However, it’s important to know that you have options when choosing a home healthcare provider. You are not limited to the providers recommended by your hospital. In fact, time and again many patients have found that the home care rehabilitation services they are referred to for aftercare are far from the best-ranked in the area.

Here are some suggestions on how to compare home healthcare providers to find the best one for you needs.

Ask Questions

Before you or your loved one is released from the hospital, be sure to ask about your home healthcare options. Is the provider licensed and accredited by a leading national accreditation firm? Do providers perform background checks on caregivers? If you don’t like the caregiver assigned, can you request another one? How long has the hospital partnered with this provider?

Check Ratings

When was the last time the hospital checked their preferred healthcare provider’s patient ratings? gives patient surveys which rate home healthcare providers in your area, which you can view for yourself at Home Health Compare. This is an invaluable tool that can help you weigh the pros and cons of each recommended provider, or help you find one that is more convenient to your area and better services your needs.

Get Referrals

While hospitals may have existing relationships with home healthcare providers, a hospital’s experience with an agency will be far different than a patient’s. When researching agencies, ask friends, family and coworkers for referrals about home healthcare organizations.

Are you interested in exploring your alternatives for homebased healthcare? Graceworks at Home is a licensed and approved Medicare provider that offers skilled physical, occupational, speech therapy, IV therapy, wound care services, and medical and social services. Home Health Compare has rated us 4.5 out of 5 stars for overall patient satisfaction. Contact us for more information.

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