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How to Have Conversations with your Parents About Independent Living

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Talking to your parents about moving from their longtime home to an independent living facility can be stressful and emotional for everyone involved. Older adults may resist the transition because they feel they will lose their freedom. Likewise, adult children may be reluctant to bring up the topic because they fear their parents’ reaction. However, especially as your parents’ physical health needs change, it’s important to start planning for their future living arrangements. When it’s time to talk with your parents about moving from their longtime home to a retirement living facility, these three tips can help you facilitate a discussion that’s comfortable for everyone.

Be patient

When it comes to discussing moving to an independent living facility with your parents, patience is a virtue. Especially if you are moving your parents from their longtime home, remember that the transition to new space may be difficult. Make sure you give your parents plenty of time to think about the decision, and encourage them to think about positive aspects of the move, such as on-site security, housekeeping, home maintenance, and transportation.

Tour independent living facilities

One reason older adults may be reluctant to move is because they’ve never seen a modern retirement community. Today’s retirement communities offer much more than a place to live. Independent living options offer on-site security monitoring, fitness centers, and fun social activities, creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for residents. The best way to help your parents feel more comfortable with independent living is to take them on tours of local facilities. Many communities also offer virtual tours on their websites, so you can learn more from the comfort of your own home!

Discuss finances

After you’ve toured different living options, it’s important to discuss how your parents will afford independent living. Have they planned ahead for long-term care or is there a fixed budget in place for their daily living expenses? Discussing your parents’ financial situation well in advance can help you make the best decision about their future living arrangements.

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