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How to Start Your Senior Housing Search

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The spring and summer months are the perfect time of year to think about starting your senior housing search. But with so many options to choose from, where should you start?

Make a “Must-Have” List

First, determine what’s most important to you. Are you just looking to downsize, or do you want all of the benefits and amenities of a senior community? Is it important that your new house or condo be near friends and family? Do you or your spouse require specialized medical care? How about help with the activities of daily living? Whether you want to live totally independently or you need a little help, you can find the perfect living arrangement for you – but you must know what you need first!

Talk About Budget

Few of us enjoy talking about money matters, especially with loved ones. If you have a close family member or caregiver who you have entrusted to help manage your care and finances as you get older, it’s important to have these tough conversations. While you may have enough to pay the monthly fees for a retirement community now and even ten years from now, what happens after that? Are there other plans in place? Also consider expenses like transportation and taxes.

Homework Starts Online

Today, most research about everything – from restaurants to travel destinations to senior communities – starts online. Visit the websites and Facebook pages of your favorite senior housing options. Be sure to read reviews on popular rating sites, too. Residents and their loved ones often share information about particular communities online. You may even be able to reach out to some of them through these sites and have your questions answered.

Keep in mind that every house-hunting experience can be stressful at times, but the rewards are worth it! If you know what you want, stay within your budget, and do your homework, you can find a senior housing arrangement that works for you now and for many years to come.

Written by Bethany Village

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