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Is a Retirement Community Right For You?

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For many older adults, choosing a retirement community is a life-changing decision. While some seniors may want to remain at home for as long as possible, retirement living offers a level of care, community, and safety that makes retirement years enriching and enjoyable. Here are some questions to consider when deciding if a retirement community is right for you.

Do you worry about home maintenance?

As we age, home maintenance can become significantly more difficult. Tasks like preparing meals, laundry, and lawn care can be cumbersome for older adults and their loved ones. In a retirement community, however, seniors can enjoy the freedom and independence of homeownership without the extra hassles of maintaining a larger home. On-campus amenities such as multiple dining options, housekeeping, and lawn care services and even transportation are available to help seniors enjoy a worry-free retirement.

What are your long-term health care needs?

Most people need to make living adjustments as they grow older and their health needs change. Even if you’re in good health now, it’s important to plan early for future care needs. In a continuing-care retirement community, older adults don’t need to uproot their lives to move to a new location if their care needs change. Rather, these communities allow residents to transition seamlessly between living options on the same campus.

Do you wish you had more social or learning opportunities?

If you find yourself longing for a more engaging social life, consider moving to a retirement community. With fun activities like fitness classes, trips to restaurants or the theatre, book clubs, and even continuing education courses, today’s retirement communities offer endless opportunities to form new friendships.

Remember, it’s never too early to begin the retirement living search. Today’s continuing care retirement communities are designed to offer flexible living options that are adapted to older adults’ needs, both now and in the future.

Written by Bethany Village

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