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Nursing Assistants Honored

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Bethany Nursing Assistants 017Bethany Village has the best dedicated nursing assistants that are appreciated for their service to our residents as a vital part of our mission. They tech technical nursing and care skills and combine them with compassion to share with each person. The prayer below seems like one our staff would say.

Nursing Assistant Prayer

As I enter into my place of calling,
I ask for strength as I help those in needing.
Hide my tears for the sick and aging,
And let my smile be the hope they’re seeking.
Guide my hands as they do for them the
things they cannot do,
And we take for granted.
Allow my eyes to see those things that make
my stay with them a blessing.
Provide the words I need to speak
To let them know I love them so.
As I do my work throughout the day
It is for my residents that I stay,
And for my residents that I pray.

Bethany Village’s nursing assistants were honored with a breakfast in the morning and an afternoon pretzel break earlier this week. We extend a big thank you for the hard work and effort our fantastic nursing assistants do each and every minute of each day!!!Bethany Nursing Assistants 018

Written by Bethany Village

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