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Occupy Wellness and Eat-In: April 7

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istock_000011760342xsmallIf you want to feel and look better, then you’ve got to eat right.

It’s no secret too many of us rely on packaged convenience foods to feed ourselves and families. No matter our age, our bodies always respond better to natural, “real” foods. Dr. Mark Hyman is on a crusade to take back America’s dinner table and it begins with his first “global eat-in” scheduled for Sunday, April 7. If you want to help yourself and your family, all you need to do on Sunday is cook natural foods for the entire day. It’s a small step that will remind you what eating used to be like in this country. For more information on the “eat-in” watch the video below. Food is medicine and you can heal yourself of many ails with a little time and commitment.

Written by Bethany Village

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