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Plan for a Continuum of Care During Physical Therapy Month

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Bethany Village RehabOctober is Physical Therapy Month. Our recent blog post covered resources that can help you and your loved ones better understand the principles and value of physical therapy. However, knowing the importance of physical therapy is not helpful unless you have access to high quality therapy services. It is important, when selecting a retirement option, to plan for changing circumstances while hoping for the best. We recommend older adults select retirement communities with care that adapts to their
changing needs. Retirement professionals refer to this as a “continuum of care.”

Many older adults enter a retirement community when they feel they can no longer keep up with the demands of living completely on their own or are ready to give up the daily upkeep that living alone requires. These individuals are often still leading extremely active lifestyles and the choice to move may come down to something as simple as not wanting to mow the grass! But, accidents do happen. A couple may enter retirement ready to take on the world, but as time passes one person may find themselves in need of rehabilitative care or skilled nursing. Those difficult eventualities are only compounded if the necessary care is not available nearby. Put another way, life’s challenges are much easier to conquer if the right tools and services are readily available. Seniors and family members looking for a retirement option should take Physical Therapy Month as a reminder to keep this in mind.

As you explore options for retirement, ask yourself: “Am I making a plan that will ensure I am ready for anything?” Specifically, look for a retirement community that has onsite rehabilitative services, skilled nursing care and physical therapy. Obviously, weigh these important services against fun activities as well. Having access to great fitness equipment during times of good health, for instance, can help improve quality of life and stave off potential health problems later.

The difficulty with a month devoted to physical therapy is that most people don’t think of this important type of care until they need it. But, if you take time to talk to your loved ones about maintaining access to a continuum of care, you will end October better able to take on whatever life may bring.

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