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Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day: Our Tips

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istock_000013014826xsmallMother’s Day is Sunday, May 8

The blogger team at Bethany Village shares their favorite tips and advice about how to honor Mother and celebrate her special day.

Larry Ramey says:

Call mother and say “I love you.” Send flowers with a card included.

Karen Kuhn says:

Take a picture of your Mom and yourself together: priceless.
Give fresh cut flowers. No cooking for Mom on Mother’s Day; you take care of her meal—go out to her favorite restaurant or get her favorite carry out.
Take time to select a card for Mom with a beautiful message and add your own personal sentiment. If your Mom is living, make every effort to visit her on Mother’s Day.

Robyn Nelson says:

Unfortunately, my mom is no longer with me, so part of what I do to honor her memory on Mother’s Day is to reminisce with my children about wonderful memories we have of her. When my mother was living we would prepare a special meal to take to her and spend the day visiting. My mom loved lilacs and tulips, so I always make sure I have a bouquet for my table. The scent of lilacs always reminds me of my mother.

Cathy Bourquin says:

Think as adult children: our Mom’s often have most of the “material” things they need or want. So when my Mom was alive, I would take a day and devote to her and what she wanted done or wanted to do. It may be planting flowers, going shopping or cleaning out a closet….something that made her feel good.

Artie Taylor says:

Invite the rest of the family to be at mom’s house and cook out and have her just mingle with everyone visiting.
Go to the garden center and select some items to plant at her house.
Go to church.
Call her the morning of Mother’s Day and pick her up, and take her to breakfast.

Pam Blumensheid says:

Give her the best gift of all — your time and conversation!
Spend time together over coffee or a cool drink on the deck or porch.
This is a great idea for a daughter: Schedule a pedicure or manicure for mom – and go with her and have one yourself! Then you can be pampered together.
If you can’t be with her in person, schedule a group Skype call and include as many of our siblings as possible. Make sure to account for different time zones.
If you live near your mom, fix brunch and share it with her. Make sure you call ahead to tell her what the plan is. Then go to her kitchen with all the fixings and cook brunch. Include a small bouquet for the table.

Allyson Crawford says:

For Mother’s Day, every year I select my mom a special gift, take her to lunch and get her some flowers. She doesn’t like flowers that die – rather – flowers that she can plant in the yard and grow all summer long. Now that I’m married, I do the same thing for my mother-in-law.

Meg Wulfeck says:

Post on Facebook…”Top 5 Reasons Why I Love My Mother”.
As a child, I would write her poems.
Send her a card.
Take her out to dinner.
Pay a visit.

Barbara Wells-Seay says:

I lost my Mom in April. I’d like to say “Hug your Mother and hold her tight and most of all tell her that you love her.”

Rachel Abshear says:

Take her out for an experience—i.e. spa day (both of you getting facials or massages), a tour of the current exhibit at the art museum and lunch, a trip to the zoo or museum of discovery if she’s an animal lover, a make your own pottery day, etc.
Send her a gourmet food basket with her favorite treats.

Jennita Sullenger says:

With my Mom no longer alive, I LOVE planting a perennial in my butterfly garden to honor/ remind me of her or add to my garden statuaries.

My three brothers have started calling me since she died and we reminisce so I get the best of both worlds: being honored by them as a mom and smiling with them because of the blessing my mom was in our lives.

Deb Dicus says:

Go out and have ice cream together.
Go to church with her.
Buy her a new outfit to wear on Mother’s Day.
Coordinate for her to get her hair done.
Call Mom and thank her for everything she has done for me and my siblings.
I send a card with money for my sister to buy flowers for her garden as she lives out of state.

What are some of your favorite tips to honor mom?


Written by Bethany Village

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