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Residents Win at LeadingAge Art and Writing Regional Show

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Congratulations to Bethany Village residents for another year of hard work and fantastic entries in this year’s Leading Age Art and Writing Regional Show that was held June 25, 2015. Our residents submitted 31 entries and had more than 65 residents who participated winning 9 ribbons.

Each entry that won first, second, third, or honorable mention in the Regional Show will go on to the State Show in Columbus at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Sept. 10th-11th.  If you are able to attend the state show be sure to take a look at the wonderful talents of our residents as well as the work of other residents from all around Ohio.

Here are our regional ribbon winners:

Fine Art

3rd Place          Barbara Evans     Heirloom, Bethany Village – Homestead


Hon Mention   Margaret Cothern   Raw Creation, Bethany Village – IL

Cooperative Art

1st Place          BV Knitting Group   Baby Caps, Bethany Village – IL/volunteer Group

Special Cooperative

2nd Place          Woodview Group Frames, Friends, and Flowers, Bethany Village

Needle Arts

2nd Place         Martha Robinson   John & Jacklyn Newlyweds – June 21, 2014, Bethany Village – IL

Hon. Mention  Judith Petrokas   Around the World in 80 Stiches, Bethany Village – IL

Large Quilted Works

3rd Place          Betty Rike   Rag Lap Coverlet, Bethany Village – IL

Special 3D

2nd Place          Cascade Group #4   Flower Pillow, Bethany Village

3rd Place          Woodview Group   Christmas Joy, Bethany Village

Below are the writing submissions.

Title of Entry Author
The Secret Ingredient Marty Cottrill
Little Myra Mole Angela Gabriel
Music in the Air Marty Cottrill
Places My Dad Took Me Bob Hipp
Return to Singapore Jeremy Curtoys


Written by Bethany Village

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