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Summer Activities for Seniors in Retirement Communities

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retirement communitiesAre you considering a move to a retirement community this summer? Retirement communities offer a host of activities for seniors, so if you’re looking to join a retirement community, summer is a great time to begin your move! When researching your options, be sure to ask about the year-round activities they offer to residents. Some of these summer activities may include:

  • Field trips. One is never too old for a good field trip, and retirement communities generally offer several every month. This may be an outing to a shopping center, a park, a museum, or other area of local interest. Resident suggestions for outings are generally welcome!
  • Fitness classes. Fitness is always better with friends. Today most communities will have fitness centers, and many also offer group classes – from boxing to yoga – developed specifically with seniors in mind.
  • Group walks. Walking is not only a great way to explore the neighborhood, but a proven way to make new friends. Group walks can also be scheduled in the morning or evening hours to take advantage of cooler temperatures during those times.
  • Indoors or out, dancing classes, celebrations, and events are often held regularly at these communities. When researching your own retirement community, be sure to ask about how often dancing opportunities come up.
  • Continuing education classes. While many summer days are perfect for walks and fitness, some may be a little too warm to be comfortable. For those days – and the long winter nights that will eventually follow – many retirement communities, like Bethany Village, offer continuing education classes that range from history to art.
  • Special events. Summer carnivals, Independence Day festivities, and other holiday celebrations are among the many events that retirement communities host every year.

Yes, there’s plenty to keep you busy at today’s retirement communities. So the question remains: what are you doing this summer? Maybe it’s time you took a tour of a retirement community and discover all the different ways you could enjoy these long summer nights.

Written by Bethany Village

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