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5 Retirement Community Trends

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retirement community trendsAs more and more adults reach retirement age, retirement community trends have had to change, too. It’s not just design trends, but the communities themselves which need to adjust to new expectations in elder care. Here are some retirement community trends you should expect to see in the next decade:

1) Continuing Care. Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRC’s like Bethany Village
are already very popular among today’s seniors. This trend will continue, as CCRC’s offer care options for independent living, assisted living, and even nursing home care all in a single community. This allows seniors to settle into a community and age in place without having to move as their care needs change.

2) Multigenerational Housing Options. As aging in place becomes more popular, so do multigenerational housing options. Multigenerational communities would be built for families at every stage of life, from single adults to families to seniors. These communities would include pocket doors to make entryways more accessible, as well as easy-pull cabinet and drawer handles, wider walkways, and convenient transportation options.

3) Cooperative Senior Living. In a cooperative senior community, a group of ten to thirty seniors would live in private dwellings on a lot they shared, but benefit from shared community spaces such as gardens, dining halls, and recreation areas like fitness centers and tennis courts. These shared areas promote a more social atmosphere, alleviating the loneliness that many seniors feel as they grow older.

4) Enhanced Care through Technology. Advances in technology have already transformed the lives of seniors. This trend will continue with wearable tech for tracking vital signs. In addition, communities may begin to see the seamless integration of in-house devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home into resident’s homes to assist with making calls, ordering food, or scheduling transportation.

5) More perks. As Boomers begin to enter retirement communities in the next decade, communities will begin offering more unique perks. Niche communities built around shared interests are already becoming fashionable. In addition, many communities will be upgrading the amenities they offer to appeal to Boomers.

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