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Senior Safety and Retirement Home Living

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retirement home livingHow safe are you in your current home? Health and safety concerns tend to increase as we grow older. This is especially true for those who live alone. Everyday slips and falls are more hazardous, as our bones become more fragile with age. Seniors may also find themselves the target of scam artists or burglars looking for a vulnerable target.

Have you become more concerned with your own safety or the safety of a loved one? One of the great benefits of retirement home living, whether that is in an independent living, assisted living, or continuing care retirement community, is the increased safety features of such communities.

Safety Features

Retirement home living communities are ADA compliant, and often feature on-site nursing and security staff who can be contacted immediately in case of emergency. Additionally, living in a community with many residents as opposed to an isolated single home provides a deterrent to criminal activity. While it’s important to have a personal emergency preparedness plan no matter where you live, retirement home communities tend to have fire, flood, and other disaster plans already in place. They should also be able to continue a resident’s care plan in the event of a disruption.

Questions to Ask

When touring a retirement home living facility, be sure to ask questions about their safety features and procedures. Everyday safety should be a top concern, so ask how quickly medical help can be summoned and whether or not there are staff available 24/7. Ensure that they go over disaster plans with residents and find out how they will notify you in case of such an event. Ask what types of supplies they keep on hand for disaster situations, and how staff are trained to handle them. Is there a special emergency number you should call if something happens? Also learn how they intend to adhere to residents’ care plans during an emergency, and where residents will be taken if disaster strikes.

Overall, seniors often find that a move to a retirement home living situation is far safer and more secure than living alone at home.

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