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Transitioning to Assisted Living: What to Expect

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Choosing to move into assisted living is a life-changing decision. The transition extends from the initial conversation to well after move-in is complete. It’s an exciting and transformative time in a senior’s life to get acquainted with assisted living.

Assisted living at Bethany Village is a fulfilling next step when independent living is becoming too much, but you still want to empower your loved one with an independent lifestyle.

Playing an active role in moving your loved one into a new environment can ease everyone’s anxiety and allow for a smooth transition to this new phase of life.

When Should You Think About Transitioning to Assisted Living?

Before beginning the adjustment to assisted living, you must have a conversation with your loved one about what kind of care you both think they need. If either of you begins to notice signs that independent living is too challenging to manage, it may be time to explore the possibility of assisted living.

The last thing you want is to wait until an emergency happens and be rushed into a decision. Keep an eye on your loved one’s life for indications that an assisted living community is the best option, including:

  • Avoiding medical attention and delaying appointments
  • Inability to do basic house cleaning
  • Difficulty maintaining social relationships
  • Struggling to do daily tasks such as cooking
  • Confusion in understanding bills and keeping track of payments

Moving into an assisted living community helps ease everyday hurdles and lets your loved one focus on doing activities they enjoy. 

Assisted living at Bethany Village allows your loved one to foster meaningful friendships, maintain a smaller living space, consolidate their responsibilities into manageable tasks, and make professional services accessible.

Steps to Take When Considering a Move into Bethany Village

The roadmap that leads to assisted living looks different for every senior, but there are steps you and your older adult can take together to smooth the transition to assisted living.

Plan Another Visit to Bethany Village

Before the scheduled move-in day, try to schedule another visit to Bethany Village if you have time. Your first tour was about researching and studying the community so your loved one could discover if it’s the right fit.

Another visit can focus on familiarizing yourself with the community and easing your loved one into their new home before the permanent move.

Allow for an Emotional Transition

Physically moving is one thing, but it’s another to emotionally process a move. If you’re leaving your long-time home and significantly downsizing your possessions, strong feelings are associated with the process. Even though moving into assisted living is a positive step, it’s valid for your loved one to feel sad and mourn.

Taking the time to process those feelings together can helpyour loved one can move into this new chapter with confidence.

Make the Space Feel Like Home

Creating a sense of home for your loved one will ease the transition and make them more comfortable. Whether you copy the style of their former living space or focus on creating a functional space, the small details matter. Keep their most precious items and photos displayed and their necessities accessible within arm’s reach.

Make the process collaborative, fun, and practical so your loved one genuinely enjoys their space.

A nursing assistant talks to an assisted living resident and her granddaughter

Get to Know the Neighbors

Bethany Village is a close-knit community full of friendly residents and staff. Your loved one will have opportunities to make new friends at events, activities, or dinner in the dining room. When your loved one builds new, fulfilling friendships, they’ll become more settled.

By having companions who share their experiences, your loved one will feel more at home, and you won’t have to worry that your loved one is too isolated.

Get Involved in Events, Clubs, and Activities

While a lot of socialization can happen in the dining room, nurturing hobbies and interests is critical in the shift to assisted living. The goal is for your senior to feel as fulfilled as they were during their more independent days. Having movie-watching events, activity-focused groups, and more can foster a sense of belonging.

Encourage your loved one to take advantage of fitness opportunities. They’ll feel good physically and mentally if they keep active and engaged. 

Keep Up Visits with Your Loved One at Bethany Village

Seniors have everything they need in the Bethany Village community, except for family. Take your loved one out to lunch, visit the community, and continue to include them in family gatherings. They’ll have a rich life and stories to tell you.

Thinking About Transitioning to Assisted Living at Bethany Village?

Finding a new home for your loved one is simple if you start at Bethany Village. Schedule a visit to tour living spaces and amenities, and talk to staff about what you’re looking for in an assisted living community.

Written by Bethany Village

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