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wii christmas card 2Six years ago, a Wii Bowling League was established in the Miami Valley, thriving with two regional divisions.  The North Division consists of Friendship Village, Mill Ridge, and Grace Brethren; the South Division consists of St. Leonard, 10 Wilmington Place and Bethany Village.

Over the past years, the Wii bowlers have enjoyed great comradery and have developed meaningful friendships from Wii Bowling playing the other teams three times a year.

This year this friendship was illustrated by Grace Brethren Village bowlers creating and sending an especially made holiday card signed by each of their bowlers to Bethany Village’s bowlers.  Inside the card simply states, “We treasure the friendship we share.”

The same sentiment is also returned from the Wii Bowling teams of Bethany Village to the other colleague bowlers.   Through the activity of Wii bowling individual lives have been enriched more than they had ever hoped they would be.

Written by Bethany Village

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