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Bethany residents volunteer; help UD graduate students

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The classic vision of life in a retirement community is a picture of tranquil relaxation. And, while the residents of Bethany Village are no strangers to the perks of a bucolic lifestyle, a long history of volunteerism among our residents proves that seniors in Dayton see retirement as an opportunity to give back as well as kick back. Today we are highlighting a special group of residents helping PhD students from the University of Dayton to better understand balance and prevent falls.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are among the leading causes of fatal and nonfatal injury among older adults in the U.S. One in three older adults will fall every year, and up to thirty percent of those falls can lead to moderate or serious injury. The studies our residents are participating in offer free balance assessments, which can help them learn their risk for falls. The data gathered through these assessments will then be used to help develop strategies to understand more about falls and prevent them from occurring.

Each of the two studies will require 150 volunteers in total. Twenty-five participants have volunteered so far, all of whom are Bethany residents. Senia Smoot Reinert, one of the students running the studies, says working with Bethany has proven to be invaluable. However, they are also looking for other volunteers willing to visit the Bethany Village campus and participate.

Bethany Village has a long standing relationship with the University of Dayton. Some of its best and brightest students have lived and worked on our campus over the years. These studies represent another chapter in the parallel stories of volunteerism and collaboration that have helped make Bethany Village a premier retirement community in Dayton. According to Renee Beach Sample, the other UD student conducting the research, our residents have made an impact on more than just the study.

“The residents are real characters and fun to talk with,” says Sample. “We have heard many interesting life stories and excellent advice.”

From stories to advice to volunteer hours, we are proud to have a resident community that lives to give.

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