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Wes Craven and the ‘Terror’ of Retirement

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For many, retirement is a dream. You work and save and save some more and one day – poof! – you can put your working life behind you, thus having your days to spend as you choose. For some, retirement is bliss. For others, having empty days can result in all sorts of chaos. Wes Craven, the famed horror writer and filmmaker, knows something about retirement chaos.

In a recent opinion article for the New York Times entitled "Retirement: Scarier Than Freddy Krueger," Mr. Craven writes of several accidents, stitches and surgeries sustained during his "trial" retirement. In the end, the director realized he wasn't ready to give up his day job.

"Give me the insanity of impossible schedules, screaming studio heads, script pages never showing up until the morning we’re to shoot them — anything but the horrors of retirement. These are scarier than any horror movie I can dream up," Craven writes, honestly.

Click to read the entire opinion piece.

Like any big life change, retirement requires significant thought, planning and transitioning time. Residents of Bethany Village are given the option to join a support group for new retirees. Thousands of such organizations exist, both in the community where you live and online.  With careful planning, you can have the fulfilling retirement you dream about – not a nightmare straight from a Hollywood movie set!



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