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What to Expect from In-Home Healthcare

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Are you considering in-home healthcare to assist you or a loved one in recovering from surgery or a long illness? It can often take weeks or months of professional care to help patients recover from or adapt to their illness or injury. In-home healthcare therapists have the equipment, skills, and training to assist in recovery and rehabilitation. But what should you expect when calling on these professionals for help?

Busy families, or those who live far away from a loved one, can find some solace and peace of mind in choosinshe's more than just a carerg a skilled therapist. Once you have decided that in-home healthcare is right for you or a loved one, you will meet with a home healthcare provider to create an individual care plan. Your individual care plan may include:

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Physical and occupational therapy focuses on helping to patient to either recover from an existing illness or injury or to adapt to a chronic or permanent injury so that they can complete day-to-day activities. Occupational therapy can also provide assistance in managing stress and trauma related to a shift in lifestyle. Speech therapists can be called upon to assist not only in improving a patient’s ability to communicate, but also their ability to eat and swallow.

IV Therapy

Many types of conditions or illnesses require that patients receive regular drug infusions. Skilled IV therapy nurses can administer a comprehensive range of infusion therapies, including antibiotics and pain therapy medications, in the home. This eliminates the need for a patient to leave their home and travel to a hospital setting every day or every week. In-home IV therapy can reduce stress and conserve patient strength and energy for recovery.

Wound care services

Not all wounds heal on their own, especially as we get older. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, may also complicate the wound healing process. In-home healthcare providers can offer services related to caring for many types of wounds, including non-healing post-surgical wounds, amputations, diabetic ulcers, wounds which require frequent dressing changes, and burns.

Medical and Social Services

Changes in lifestyle due to illness or injury can be traumatic. Skilled in-home healthcare therapists can offer assistance in adjusting to these changes, help with financial aid applications, coach families on how to cope with loss, and grief counseling.

Once you have developed your patient care plan, your in-home healthcare provider will set up a therapy schedule that works for you. If you or a loved one could benefit from these services, contact Graceworks at Home to begin your individualized healthcare evaluation.

Written by Bethany Village

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