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What You Need to Know About Living Independently in Retirement

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living independently retirementAre you over 60 and fiercely independent? You’re not alone! Seniors are living longer, healthier lives, and that means many more of them are able to live independently in their retirement years. But what does living independently today really mean? Are there options available if you need a little help? Can retirement communities really accommodate seniors who want to remain independent?

Independent at Home

The first thing you may think of when you hear “independent living” is living on your own in your family home. Living independently at home is often ideal for couples in good health or for couples or singles who still have family living with them. If you live in the city, with easy access to transportation, shopping, and other amenities, living at home can be a viable option for many years.

Independent Communities

Today, there’s also another option for your retirement. Independent living can also mean living in a facility built with the needs of seniors in mind. This isn’t a nursing home, but a vibrant retirement community much like a college campus or apartment complex that may offer many shared amenities. Seniors still enjoy their privacy, but also benefit from onsite activities, restaurants, hair salons, increased safety and accessibility features, and much more. If you are in good health but live alone, or live far away from such amenities, an independent living community may be a better fit for you than living independently in your family home.

Senior Care

Living in your home independently may work well for you now. If you need a little extra help, you can always call on family or friends, or request the services of a home healthcare agency like Graceworks at Home. But at some point, this may not be enough. This is where living in a retirement community which offers a continuum of care – including independent living and assisted living on the same campus – can be especially beneficial. These communities can offer onsite services such as laundry, housekeeping, medication management, and even assistance with bathing, dressing, rehabilitation, or wound management.

Whatever the state of your health today, ensure that you have a plan for your care in the future as your circumstances change. There are many options for seniors who want to live independently.


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