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Why Veterans Should Consider Senior Living Communities

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For veterans and their spouses, finding the right community to spend their retirement years is not always an easy task. Veterans may be searching for a community with other veteran residents, and injured veterans may require special care or accommodations that make living alone difficult. Luckily, those who have served our country are often eligible for certain benefits that make finding the right senior housing community easier and more affordable. Here are some of the reasons why veterans should consider joining a senior housing community.

Community Ties, Quality Care

For veterans, access to quality care and friendly communities are important factors to consider when choosing a senior housing option. Communities like Bethany Village are home to many veterans who enjoy a sense of camaraderie surrounded by retirees just like them. National holidays like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are also observed to honor veterans and remember their service. In terms of health and wellness, veterans needing special assistance or a greater level of care can feel the peace of mind that comes with quality medical support from care staff and skilled nurses. Maintaining strong social ties is important for the mental health and wellness of all retirees. 

Multiple Living Options

Senior housing communities can provide veterans with a wide variety of living options, depending on their individual needs and preferences. Residential living is ideal for veterans who want to downsize but still maintain an independent lifestyle. For veterans with chronic health conditions, assisted living or long-term nursing care may also be available on the same campus if you choose a continuing care retirement community like Bethany Village. Senior housing communities also offer amenities like transportation, dining services, and recreation spaces. 

Financial Resources for Veterans

Veterans and their spouses are often eligible for financial assistance through the Department of Veteran Affairs. The assistance is broken down into three general benefits: the basic pension, the housebound benefit, and the aid and attendance benefit. Veteran Affairs takes into account the veteran’s needs, income and personal assets to determine the amount of aid they’re eligible to receive.

To apply for financial assistance, contact the Veteran’s Affairs Health Benefits Service Center by calling 877.222.VETS. You may also contact a local representative here.




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