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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

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iStock_000007979568SmallThe residents of Bethany Village never have to worry about shoveling snow. One of the benefits to living at a CCRC like Bethany is the maintenance-free lifestyle. For the rest of us, a winter storm usually means braving the elements to dig out our cars. Shoveling snow is hard, aerobic work. Cold temperatures mean your heart has to work harder than normal to keep you warm. If you have heart disease or a history of heart-related issues, you should avoid shoveling snow.

Do not walk on snowy or icy sidewalks. Hire someone to clean your walk to ensure a clear path. Wear proper footwear in the winter, such as snow boots with rubber soles.

If you must drive in the winter, pack your car with emergency essentials in case you are in an accident. Carry a cell phone and stock your trunk with bottled water, food like granola bars, some blankets, an ice scraper, a flashlight and a basic first aid kit. If you must talk on the phone while driving, use hands free options.

Finally, remember what your mother taught you: dress appropriately for the weather. This means adding a coat, hat, gloves and scarf to your wardrobe to trap body heat.

If you’re not a senior but have older neighbors or friends, check in on them regularly during the winter months. You never know when they’ll need a helping hand!

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