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3 Key Benefits of Short-Term Rehabilitation in a Retirement Community

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Are you preparing for a major surgical procedure? As we get older, it can take us longer to recover from even minor surgeries. That’s why many doctors encourage their senior patients to arrange rehabilitation care after a procedure, which helps seniors regain strength and confidence before they return home.

If you’re looking for the right rehab care after a hospitalization, here are three key advantages to receiving short-term rehabilitation in a retirement community.

Receive treatment from a team of experts

In a short-term rehabilitation facility within a retirement community, older adults have access to an expert staff that understands their unique needs and challenges. In short-term rehabilitation care, an interdisciplinary team of therapists, physicians, nurses, dieticians, and fitness experts work together to create a custom rehabilitation plan for each patient. With daily treatment from the retirement community’s expert care staff, older adults often experience better outcomes from rehabilitation.

Recover in a warm and caring environment

After being hospitalized for a major illness or surgery, many older adults enjoy the warm, comforting environment of a short-term rehabilitation facility. With short-term rehab care in a retirement community, older adults have access to modern amenities designed to make their stay relaxing and comfortable. Such amenities may include private rooms and bathrooms, dining options, engaging activities, and on-campus services such as beauty salons or barbershops.

Learn more about retirement communities

For many older adults, completing treatment in a short-term rehabilitation facility offers a glimpse at what it’s really like to live in a retirement community. While receiving short-term rehabilitation in a retirement community, older adults can get to know the community’s care staff, try various dining options, meet other residents, and enjoy fun activities offered by the community. In many ways, a short-term rehab stay can make the decision to move to a retirement community easier for both older adults and their families.

Written by Bethany Village

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