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3 Reasons to Get an Early Start on the Assisted Living Search

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Start the search for Assisted Living FacilitiesMoving to an assisted living community can be one of the hardest decisions families make for an aging relative. As a result, some families delay having important conversations with loved ones, often waiting until a crisis arises to move into a senior living community.

However, moving to an assisted living facility can also be one of the best decisions you make for an older relative’s health, safety, and overall happiness. By waiting until an emergency occurs, your loved one may miss out on the wonderful benefits that come with today’s assisted living facilities. Especially if an older loved one requires more care and assistance than you can provide on your own, now is the time to start looking for an assisted living facility that can meet their current and future needs. Here are three great reasons to start the assisted living search today.

Greater peace of mind

One of the main functions of assisted living is to help older adults accomplish daily activities such as grooming, bathing, dressing, and medication management. Older adults living at home often depend on a family caregiver or home care assistance, which can result in a personal or financial strain on the family. However, in an assisted living facility, older adults and their families experience greater peace of mind knowing that assistance is available around the clock from professional caregivers.

A more carefree retirement

Thanks to today’s assisted living facilities, older adults can enjoy a more carefree and relaxing retirement than ever before. In assisted living, older adults no longer need to worry about the hassles of transportation, housekeeping, or cooking. With spacious private suites and modern amenities, assisted living provides older adults with the opportunity to maintain their independence while still receiving superior care.

Daily opportunities for socialization

Living at home can be isolating for many older adults, and it can be difficult to maintain relationships throughout retirement. With assisted living, older adults have daily opportunities for social engagement with fun activities like excursions to local restaurants and shopping trips, book clubs, game nights, and even pet visits. Assisted living facilities also offer spacious gathering spaces, so families can visit their loved ones in a comfortable environment.

Today’s retirement communities often offer a variety of living options across a continuum of care, meaning that older adults can easily transition from independent living to assisted living without disrupting their lives by moving to a new, unfamiliar location.

While assisted living facilities are in high demand, it’s important to note that independent living residents often receive priority registration for assisted living facilities in retirement communities. This offers residents the unique chance to reserve their place in their desired assisted living community when their care needs change. So, even if your older relative isn’t quite ready for assisted living, independent living can be a great option to prepare them for the next step.

Written by Bethany Village

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