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3 Ways Independent Living is Changing to Better Serve Seniors

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indpendent-living-serving-seniorsIndependent living communities offer older adults the chance to maintain their independence in a safe, fun social setting with others their age. As demand grows for independent living communities, more intense competition has driven these organizations to invest in even better care and service for older adults.

Here are three ways that these communities are changing to better serve seniors:

  1. More amenities. The expectation for more amenities at independent living communities has risen in the last decade. Older adults expect residences that cater to their interests and provide a wide variety of workshops, programs, and activities to keep them busy and engaged. These communities are responding in a big way by offering concierge services, spa services, and developing additional fitness programs like boxing, yoga, and Zumba, and investing in partnerships with local learning centers for continuing education classes.
  2. Better style. As the Boomer generation enters retirement, many independent living communities are preparing for the surge in residents by updating their facilities. This new generation of retirees expects residences that look more like home and less like hospitals. Warmer, brighter, and more inviting décor is making its way into independent living campuses.
  3. Improved technology integration. Advances in technology have already transformed the way we go about our daily lives, from how we connect with loved ones to how our medical records are handled. Independent living communities are also updating their technology offerings by integrating wi-fi enabled flat screen TVs into common areas, investing in more advanced computer labs, and using data from wearable fitness trackers to help track and manage overall health trends.


Written by Bethany Village

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